The story of 
Our Lady Of The Rainbow Roses
              Rainbow Lady

(as whispered to me by Our Lady...)

11 Times 2:

Find The Silence In Your Father's Words

Go With Passion, Motherly

Consume The Neverending, The Flaming Fire Of Your Heart

Burn Desire With A Golden Touch

Walk With Wind And Carrying Clouds

Dance With Words And Not To Speak

Change With Seasons In Eternity

Buid A Home On Water Drown In Tears

Fly With Wings, Never Descend, Still Walk On Earth

Watch The Sunrise Of Your Innate Being

To Laugh, To Love, Never To Leave

This is a video of Our Ladies Shrine at my former home (along with the above Charter):

Snow Lady

My students dancing at the Boutman Birthday Party, May 2008:

More pictures showing Our Lady in the state I found Her...

Lady Sol & Vita

Lady Wood

Our Lady @ Fire and old Boutman Bus

Fire Lady
  Today, June 5th, 2012, I will start with "Operation Maria" > years ago I rescued a statue in solid concrete representing Our Lady Of The Rosary at "Sol et Vita", Saint Paul Centre (Sint-Paulus Centrum) Rotselaar, Belgium. Each year our students went there on a 1 or 2 day retreat, where they talked about themselves, their relations, their hopes & dreams in life. It was during a walk in the park behind the centre that I discovered the statue of Our Lady. She was badly injured by hooligans & only half of the statue (head & waist above the arms) could be rescued... Here's how I found Our Lady, almost 10 years ago, the picture speaks for itself... > the original statue was about 170 cm tall, and must have weighed way over a 100 kilos. One of my students was so kind to take a picture. Unfortunately a lot of Holy statues became/become victim of this kind of destruction, mutilation  & lack of respect... Why?

José, manager of the "Saint Paul Centre", was so kind to give what was left of Our Lady into my care. I took Her to my former home & built her a Garden Shrine > see the story of Her changing surroundings through the years in pictures left & right. Her Shrine was inaugurated & blessed at the first Boutman Birthday Party in 2008 by Johan, our school teacher of Catholic religion. This is how Our Lady looked like while She was watching over us during the 2008 party at my (former) house:
Boutman Band: My youngest son left, lead guitar, bass guitar: Koen, drums ~hidden in the back ~ my middle son > performing "Sultans Of Swing" ~Dire Straits)

Boutmen Of Swing

My students singing a birthday song for me, with adapted lyrics to the music of "Let It Be" > The Beatles.... so touching & moving... See also video on the left.

Let It Be

And this is how she looked two years later > Spring 2010 (see video at the right):

I gave Her a 'new' name: "Our Lady Of The Rainbow Roses":

Our Lady Of The Rainbow Roses

But since I moved, She now has a new place at my mother's home, where I live now. It is time to build Her a new Shrine... but first I will try to give Her back Her original dress. You can follow "Operation Maria" here! When Our Lady regains Her original splendour, of course there will be a new inauguration, blessing & party!

This is how Our Lady looks today, before the restoration:

First step: stripping off the paint > awkward moments...

Lady 11 

Second step > sanding down + primer coat

White Lady 

Next days > painting in original colors... here's the result, June 8th, 2012  > Our Lady @ sundown, back in Her full splendour (next step: rebuilding Her Shrine):

Sunset Lady

Final stage: June 9th, 2012 > Our Lady's new Shrine > with a lot of roses to go with it (first let Nature do its work) > left: Red Rose 'Grüss an Heidelberg', right: White Rose "Climbing Iceberg", middle down left: Red Rose "Abundance", middle down right: Red Rose "That's Jazz", front left: Yellow Rose "Lichtköningin Lucia" & right front down lavendar: Blue "Viva Lavendula Felice", already in the garden: front: White Bridal Veil & the Shrine itself is built inside a purple Rhododendron. Now just fix a date for an appropriate inauguration, blessing &.... a joyful Fire Party! To know when > go to Boutman's Facebookpage ;)

Lady Antilia

Shrine Station > hop off & take a moment of standstill... it will do you good!

Shrine Station

PS > my gratitude to
Hans , working @ www.thiry.be, who was so kind to help me choose the right colours & material to do a perfect job!
                    Rainbow Lady

Garden Shrine 1 ~ 2007 - 2010

Our Lady blessing the capital "K", which I made from wood as a present at the birth of my 2nd grandchild KATO

Lady K

Snow Lady 1

Snow Lady

Snow Lady 2

Snow Lady 2

Our Ladies Night & Fire Party @ garden pond

Ladies Night

Lady Aleph...

Lady Aleph 

Moving Garden Shrine, July 2010

Lady Moving 

Lady On The Move 

Garden Shrine 2 ~ 2010-2012

> provisionary setting 1 next to bbq & Fire Table...

Fire Lady

> provisionary setting 2 garden left side

Lady 2

around the
FIRE Table
Tuesday August 21st, 7pm, 2012